We're crazy about color. Thankfully I am not color blind. Color blindness runs in my family tree. I recall my father who has Red-Green Color Blindness, dressing himself in the most outlandish mismatched outfits. Of course, this was in the 90s when everyone wore loud, bright colors, but still. He was unable to match colors properly due to his condition.

One day it hit me when we were in the car together. I asked him, "Dad, how do you know when the street light turns green?" he replied, "I simply memorized their position. Red is top, yellow is middle, and green is bottom." Then I realized, I couldn't tell him the position at all from my memory, I only viewed them as colors and never considered memorizing them.

Color has always been interesting to me. I studied the philosophy of color online for hundreds of hours. I once worked for an ecommerce company that had branded itself in bright red #ff0000. From a physiological aspect, I wanted to change this every day. Shopping sites should be green... to represent money! Instead, we made the "buy now" buttons red. Thinking back on it, I wonder what would have happened to our conversion rates if the buttons were green. Can this simple color change have that much impact on a users behavior? YES. IT CAN.

Labs: Color

We added small bits of color to our website to extract the primary colors of our portfolio. Then we linked it to a page to describe it's attributes: i.e. Color Name, HEX Color, RGB / RGBA Values, etc. We launched it and started seeing traffic from Google for people searching for hex colors.

A could of weeks later, we added more features: i.e. Complementary Colors, Analogous Colors, Monochromatic Colors, Split Complementary Colors, Triadic Colors, Tetradic Colors, Color Shades and more. Then we started seeing a lot more traffic from people wanting to use the color explorer on our site.

So, we decided that our color page would be a top landing page for attracting new clients and business. So we added a "Request Proposal" button to it for any given color.

Then we decided we wanted to know what color our future client favors, so we passed a color from the colors page over to our Proposal Form and capture the color value to help style our Proposal PDF when we respond to our new customer.

Color is really a big part of our philosophy at Colorful Dots, LLC. We see each color representing our clients, apps, designs, staff, etc. It represents how we all stand for something in this world. Perhaps, we're all Colorful Dots...

Be proud of your color. Even if you're color blind. We're not talking about skin tone, we're talking about your personality.

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